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Lapanday Foods Corporation has entered arrangements or agreements with well-established fresh produce buyers and distributors abroad.

We maintain relationships only with reputable fresh produce buyers and distributors who share our commitment to quality and reliable delivery.

Many of them own and operate modern and efficient cold storage and pressurized ripening facilities where the products are placed prior to delivery.

The result of this consistent focus on quality is a growing recognition and acceptance among consumers of the excellent taste, freshness, and packaging of our fresh produce.

We also strive to continuously improve on new product innovations and value added customer services. For instance, we introduced and successfully marketed the consumer pack - a cluster of four to six banana fingers weighed, ripened and sealed in its own individual plastic bag. This adds convenience for the shopper and the supermarket alike.

Our Brands:

Below are some of the brands we pack for and ship to countries shown on the left:

Lapanday Foods Corporation