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Lapanday Foods Corporation has a world-class research and development team. Our highly qualified technical staff develops and employs the best methods to propagate healthy and high-yielding planting materials. They also closely monitor soil fertility, plant nutrition, and pest and disease prevention in all our farms.

banana seedlings banana seedlings

Our commercial tissue culture laboratory, inaugurated in 1998, is the first of its kind in Mindanao and the largest in the Philippines. We also have a chemistry laboratory, licensed as a soils laboratory by the Department of Agriculture, which tests and analyzes soil, plant tissue, fertilizers, and water sources in our farms to ensure quality standards.

tissue culture examines banana tissue

Figure 1. Identification and population counting of nematodes.

Figure 2. Plant disease diagnosis of banana and other crops.

As a member of the International Plant Exchange (IPE) program of the University of Wageningen in the Netherlands, it is involved in the exchange of ideas and research data with many of the world's most advanced agricultural laboratories.

virus indexing sterilization

Figure 3. Virus indexing through ELISA test of banana virus diseases (BBTV, BBrMV and CMV).

Figure 4. Sterilization process of tissue culture media using autoclave. This is to ensure high quality and contamination-free media to be used in Banana Micropropagation.

tissue culture examines banana tissue

Figure 5. Thousands of tissue cultured meriplants are produced for company's seedlings requirement as well as for outside clients orders. These are being stocked in the culture rooms with maximum production capacity of 150,000 meriplants per week.

Figure 6. Micropropagation room where tissue cultured meriplants are produced. Currently, we have 14 propagators but it can accommodate up to 19 propagators at its full capacity. Laminar flows as shown in the photo are used for micropropagation or where the planting of meriplants into the bottles is done.

tissue culture examines banana tissue

Figure 7. Macro and micro nutrients of plant tissues and soils are determined by Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer. This is to monitor the nutrient status of all our farms and to come up with a yearly recommendation.

Figure 8. The Chemistry laboratory conducts regular fertilizer grade monitoring, water pollution analysis, fruit chemical analysis, as well as provides services for outside clients.

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