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Lapanday Foods Corporation implements recycling programs in its production and export processes.

In the plantations, the plastic materials used to protect the fruits during their growing phases are carefully collected at harvest time and stored for safe disposal and recycling. Our cartons are made from 100% recyclable materials. Of the pallets and cornerboards used in the export of fresh produce, about 65% are returned to the Philippines for recycling and reuse. From our export market in Japan alone, as much as 35 metric tons of plastic materials are recovered each year and recycled into plastic inserts, which are then reused in the plantations.

plastic recycling machine recycling machine

We produce two (2) kinds of Recycled Pellets:
• HDPE Pure and Mixed
• LLDPE Pure and Mixed

All operational wastes and factory defective boxes from the box plant and packing houses are fed into this section to convert them to baled scraps, which are then disposed to third party buyers.

Lapanday Foods Corporation