Lapanday Foods Corporation




As a socially concerned and responsible corporate citizen, Lapanday Foods Corporation actively supports its workers and their families as well as the communities around its farms.

We comply with international labor standards. We are an equal opportunity employer, and we look after the well-being and safety of our employees.

We adhere closely to environment-friendly procedures. We follow international standards for sustainable agricultural practices and integrated pest management methodologies. In the surrounding communities, we advocate programs that promote cleanliness, orderliness, and long-term environmental health.

We firmly believe that our greatest responsibility is to ensure that the land that nurtures us will continue to nurture future generations.



skills training

Lapanday Foods Corporation has invested in training programs and facilities to ensure the continuous development of its staff. Through specific courses, employees have the opportunity to maximize their potential and increase their levels of expertise.

Since 1996, the Lapanday Skills Training Center (LSTC) has been providing technical training for free to Lapanday Foods Corporation's workers, their dependents, and members of nearby communities.

It offers courses in carpentry, plumbing, welding, heavy equipment operation, dressmaking, and other vocational skills.


womens coop

Lapanday Foods Corporation firmly believes that social responsibility is best instilled through the empowerment of its people. This philosophy has inspired the growth of the company's Labor-Management Councils (LMCs) and Cooperatives, which have in turn created local health, education, and livelihood projects aimed at benefiting employees and the surrounding communities.

Many of these groups have received awards from the Philippine Government and international labor institutions for their accomplishments and in particular for their contributions towards community-building.



bag and map weaving

Lapanday Foods Corporation formed the Doña Luisa R. Lorenzo Center for Community Development Foundation Inc. to help alleviate poverty through various community development projects that emphasize capacity building technical skills training and alternative livelihood projects. In early 2009, it took under its wings the Lapanday Skills Training Center (LSTC).

The Foundation, encourages earnest involvement among community residents and grass-roots organizations that extend opportunities for income generation, education, and improvement in health and living standards.


farm financing

Davao is the regional center for trade, commerce and tourism, not only on the island of Mindanao, but also for the whole of the Southern Philippines. Fertile soil and ample rainfall help to further nurture Davao's lush bounty and make it one of the foremost reasons why Mindanao is known as "the fruit basket of the Philippines."

Business has been flourishing in the region, and the trend is being sustained by continued infrastructural development aimed at reinforcing Davao's viability as an industrial hub and a gateway to the dynamic trade in Asia.

The progressive environment in Davao has attracted and encouraged the steady growth of an industrious and skilled workforce. While agricultural workers still constitute the majority, an increasing number of people are honing their talents in industry and technology, preparing Davao for the demands of the future.

Lapanday Foods Corporation