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Lapanday Foods Corporation's expertise in tissue culture technology is made available to other farmers and growers through Lapanday BioTrends. Manned by the company's research and development experts, BioTrends offers resources and capabilities for developing tissue cultures particularly for highly marketable varieties of bananas, pineapples, and orchids.


BioTrends clients reap the benefits of higher yields, lower costs, and increased profits from using tissue-cultured plant products in their farms. The tissue culture method provides opportunity for the selection and improvement of cultivars or varieties of desirable traits - such as high yield and resistance to disease - from the plant source; these result in improved succeeding batches of plants, which also grow faster and bear fruits earlier.

BioTrends can undertake tissue culture at any time of the year. It can also produce a large number of plant materials within a short period, and even from a small quantity of source material. Currently, it has the capability to conduct tissue cultures of the following:

Quality Plants for Quality Yields: (on a per booking basis)

We culture the following:

Plantation Crops/Trees Vegetables Fruit Crops Ornamentals
Teakwood White Potato Lakatan Orchids
• Dendro
• Waling-waling
Vetiver Ube Cardava Chrysanthemum
Derris Garlic Morado Mussandea
• Doña Luz
• Doña Aurora
• Doña Eva
Macapuno Asparagus Senorita Bandera Española
  Onion Latundan Anthurium
  Ginger Cavendish Lilium
    Pineapple Begonia
    Sugarcane Poinsettia
    Strawberry Spatiphylum

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