Lapanday Foods Corporation




Lapanday has two main fresh products: bananas and pineapples. It operates in more than 25 locations all over the Davao Gulf, Cotabato and Bukidnon covering a total area of around 6,000 hectares with over 60 packinghouses. Read more here.
Lapanday’s house brands, Estrella, Aloha, Mabuhay and Island Sun, as well as the brands of its clients, are shipped out to markets in the Asia-Pacific and the Middle East. Find out more in the Sales page.
Lapanday employs close to 6,000 employees, around 150 of whom perform managerial functions. See if there are career opportunities for you here.
Among Lapanday’s facilities are the Box and Plastics Plants, which manufacture packaging materials both for internal use and commercial sales; these facilities employ a corrugator and two flexo units with a combined annual capacity of 45,000MT for the boxes, and three extruders producing more than 1,000 MT of plastic products yearly. Read more here.
Lapanday’s R&D facilities include the largest Tissue Culture Laboratory in the country, which also caters to farmers and growers of varieties of bananas, pineapples and orchids. Read more in the Research and Development page.
Part of Lapanday’s port facilities is the Cold Storage—another first in Mindanao, capable of storing up to 120K boxed fruits at a controlled temperature. Click here for an inside look.
Lapanday Foods Corporation